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Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services

It is a known fact that regular cleaning of your area rugs will significantly improve their look, feel and life.  Area Rugs require special consideration to a gentle but effective cleaning approach, especially when cleaning Oriental Wool area rugs such as Chinese, Iranian, Persian, etc.  The temptation is to rent a portable machine and do-it-yourself.  Unfortunately, this quite often results in scrubbing these fine fibres far too aggressively not to mention the use of the wrong cleaning solutions.


Over 50 Years of Experience

At Nu-Life, we have over 30 years of experience handling ALL types of both synthetic fibres(nylon, polyester, olefin) and natural fibres(wool, cotton, silk).  We inspect each rug thoroughly, noting heavily soiled areas or any spots and stains.  After deciding on the proper cleaning solution, we proceed with the use of state-of-the-art equipment to achieve optimal results.

After a thorough extraction of all dry, particulate soil, both sides of the rug are thoroughly cleaned, combining a gentle scrubbing action with a complete rinse.  The rug then goes to a hanging pole to allow for proper drying as well as hand cleaning of fringes.  After the final post inspection, the rug is rolled up and wrapped in plastic to protect your clean rug for transportation back to your home.


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Customer Reviews

  • "We have been dealing with Chuck and company for over seven years and we have never been disappointed. This company is prompt, clean, efficient and honest. Chuck goes over and above to please his customers and does the job with pride and confidence. Try him!"
    Nick And Suzie Vamvakas - Lord Nelson's Fine Dining, Burlington
  • "All I can say is Wow! Chuck and his team experts made my tile and grout look like new again. I thought I was going to have to do a renovation on the floors. A friend referred Nu Life to me and the rest is history. Thanks for all your help and the after the sale follow up."
    Henry S.
  • "I own a 12-year-old home with white tiles and beige grout. My husband is in a wheelchair and we have 2 young children and a dog. As you can imagine the tiles were no longer white and the grout was far from beige. In a few hours, Chuck transformed our house. The tile and grout are like new. To think that a few weeks ago I was about to hire somebody to replace the tile which would have cost thousands. Chuck was reasonably priced. He was professional and efficient. I highly recommend his product and services. He saved me thousands and gave me peace of mind. Thanks Chuck"
    Mariane Susi, Home Owner - Stoney Creek

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