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The method of carpet cleaning used at Nu-Life Cleaning Services is commonly known as “Steam Cleaning”, also called Hot Water Extraction. It is the recommended method of cleaning by most major carpet manufacturers. In fact, if your carpets on NOT cleaned on an annual basis, you may risk voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.

Carpets are obviously considered to be one of the big major investments in your home or office, so it makes sense to prolong their life as long as possible. The factors that are most commonly known for contributing to premature wear and discolouration of your carpets are embedded soils, oil deposits and other contaminants such as dust mites, mildew and pet stains.


We Use State-Of-The-Art Truck Mounted Equipment

Upon arriving at your home, we at Nu-Life will first perform a detailed inspection of your carpet to identify any problem areas that you may have. We will then discuss the steps we will need to take to bring your carpets back to a like-new appearance, which normally starts with the application of an environmentally safe pre-treatment cleaning solution. This solution helps to break down the embedded soils, loosen oil deposits and remove most, if not all spots and stains. We then proceed with our “Steam Cleaning Process.” Using our state-of-the-art Truck Mounted Equipment, we combine the three essential components that are required to clean your carpets effectively: High water pressure, Extremely Hot water and MOST importantly an incredibly high powered vacuum system. The misconception that steam cleaning oversoaks your carpet and under pad is simply not true. Carpets are typically dry in 4 to 6 hours and often less.

All of the above steps combined will contribute to improving your indoor air quality and therefore promoting a much healthier environment.


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Customer Reviews

  • "I own a 12-year-old home with white tiles and beige grout. My husband is in a wheelchair and we have 2 young children and a dog. As you can imagine the tiles were no longer white and the grout was far from beige. In a few hours, Chuck transformed our house. The tile and grout are like new. To think that a few weeks ago I was about to hire somebody to replace the tile which would have cost thousands. Chuck was reasonably priced. He was professional and efficient. I highly recommend his product and services. He saved me thousands and gave me peace of mind. Thanks Chuck"
    Mariane Susi, Home Owner - Stoney Creek
  • "We have had many cleaning firms over the years come to our house in stoney creek.BUT HANDS DOWN too Chuck and his team .i will never request another cleaning firm Nu Life for life .Chuck and his team were professional through and efficient .my floor tiles turned up like brand new. I would recommend Chuck and his team to everyone thats why they get 5 stars."
    Maureen Jeffery
  • "Hi, Chuck. I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with how the benches, floors and carpet look in the restaurant.Great Job. Thanks again!"
    Michael Hassard, GM - Pepperwood Bistro, Burlington

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