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Your upholstered furniture is another very significant investment to your household so it makes sense to clean it regularly in order to prolong its life. These various fabrics require special attention to detail compared to carpet fibres, mostly due to a mixed blend of natural and synthetic fibres. Different cleaning solutions are required when considering certain types of stains, fibre type and colour fastness.


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When Nu-Life arrives at your home or office we carefully inspect the fabric for spots, stains and/or signs of wear. We then proceed to pre-condition the fabric with the appropriate environmentally safe cleaning agent. Depending on the degree of soiling as well as sensitivity of fabric, we may choose to use a soft-bristle brush to agitate and loosen stubborn soil and stains. Next, by using our state-of-the-art truck mounted steam cleaning machine, we thoroughly rinse and extract all cleaning solutions, soil and water leaving little to NO residue in your upholstered fabric. It then usually takes 6 to 8 hours for your fabric to completely dry and we do not recommend use of furniture until the following day.

It is also a well-known fact that regular cleaning of your furniture will have a positive effect on the indoor environment and the air you breathe.


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Customer Reviews

  • "WOW! Chuck can get the dirt out of everything. I highly recommend his services if you want your carpets looking like new!"
    Stephen Morgan - Burlington
  • "I hired Nu-Life to clean my carpets and upholstery. I was very happy with how professional the staff were. They fully explained the entire process to me and we showed me the results after. I was very impressed with the results. Our dog had an accident on our carpet and we thought the stain was forever. They got the stain out and our carpets and furniture look amazing. Thanks for everything. I will use your services again."
    Derek M.
  • "My area rug took a beating from our family. I was going to replace the rug with a new one. A friend of mine referred nu life to us. I spoke with Chuck and we was very informative. The staff did a wonderful job on the rug and it looks great. I also had them clean my couches. "
    Mr Lockheart

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